Monday, April 4, 2011

Sap's Running

Some time on or around Saturday, April 2, the sap in my maple tree started running.

Details on the harvest to follow, with much number-crunching. Some preliminary observations.

  • the sap runs during the day, not so much at night
  • right now I'm getting about 1.5L of sap per day
  • the sap looks pretty much like water
  • the specific gravity of the sap is 1.008 (small but detectable amounts of sugar)
  • the sap tastes every so slightly sweet, with some very pronounced flavours: woody, nutty, very "green"
  • I think I could drink a glass of the sap with breakfast every morning for the rest of my life
Once I have an appreciable amount, maybe 10L, I'll start boiling.


  1. Now tell everyone the ratio from sap to syrup...! Shocking!

  2. Uncle Howard would be so proud of you!!

  3. Remember how I said it tasted like it must be super healthy for you? It's a fact, as per this article about people in South Korea drinking it:

    Forget the syrup, we should just drink it.