About (Short)

About Allan Suddaby

I am a cook in Edmonton, Alberta.  I have worked at Hulbert's, Dadeo, and Jack's Grill here in Edmonton, and have done some shorter stints in Calgary (Mercato) and Semmering, Austria (Seewirtshaus, Looshaus, and Hotel Panhans).

About Button Soup

Button Soup is about the food that I make at home.  I am interested in food's relation to culture, so my posts often digress from the ingredient or dish at hand to its significance to personal or regional history.

Things you are likely to find on Button Soup:
Things you are less likely to find on Button Soup:
  • detailed recipes (I'm starting to get better at this...);
  • restaurant reviews;
  • highly-polished food photography.
If you would like to know more, please see About (Long).