Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Button Soup Supper Club

If you're a really good cook, you can go back in time.

-Roland Henin in The French Laundry Cookbook

Tradition cannot be inherited, and if you want it, you must obtain it by great labour.

-TS Eliot, "Tradition and the Individual Talent"

In 2011 I'm cooking a series of dinners, roughly one every month, under the auspices of the Button Soup Supper Club.
There is no formal club: the dinners vary from a private family meal on a particular Tuesday evening, to large and boisterous celebrations among friends. They all, however, have been designed to explore seasonality beyond ingredients. The meals all have special significance to personal or regional heritage.

The January dinner is next week. I'll explain further over the next few days.


  1. this is fantastic ! i wish i was in Edmonton

  2. Hi, Allan,
    I still love that photo form Greece. I was excited to see another entry to your blog. I've heard rumors and look forward to hearing more about your supper club

  3. What a great idea! I cannot wait to read your wares.
    (Though tasting them is significantly better)

  4. Fantastic concept. Look forward to reading what you've come up with!