Monday, December 13, 2010

The Rumpot Revisited

It's the height of folly to say this in the midst of our fleeting summer months, but I can't wait for Christmas.

-Allan, in August, filling his rumpot

It's been six months since I made the first layer of my rumpot using the early BC cherries and apricots.

Sitting in my coat closet, the mixture has gone through some profound transformations. It has lost the striking vibrancy it once had, and is now a uniform burgundy. The liquor has lost its clarity and is now murky with an exceptionally rich mouthfeel, verging on viscous.

It's delicious. The severity of the alcohol has been subdued, and the liquor is now surprisingly mellow.

The pot no longer exudes the delicate aromas that seduced me early in the summer. It now has a medicinal scent, strong of the boozy raspberries.

This morning was the first time I ate the fruit. On waffles with whipped cream, with an ounce of the liquor and black coffee. The fruits have combined to form one homogeneous flavour, so it matters little whether you spoon an apricot or a strawberry onto your plate. The fruit is extremely delicate, saturated with liquid.

A fantastic way to start the day, as long as you don't have to operate heavy machinery later in the morning.


  1. hey Allan

    Just had dinner with your parents last night and heard all about your foodie adventures. I have some info for you about some slow-food spots in Calgary your mom thought you'd like to know about. Drop me an e-mail sometime. Take care, Chris

  2. Allan - I would love your rumpot "recipe". What did you put into it... did you include a post of it. I will look under drink - but, if not, can you write it here for me?

  3. Hi Chris - I'll e-mail you this week!

    Valerie - There is a rumpot post here. You even commented on it!

    I used one part sugar to two parts fruit, by weight, and enough rum to keep the fruit submerged. Appleton Estates is my rum of choice.

  4. Awesome form of food preservation. Put up food with no power required, and get hammered too!!

  5. Yes - I found it - as you know... as I commented on it again - asking for the recipe - (memory like a sieve some days) and really appreciate the ratio... such fun... cannot wait to do this... couldn't find crab apples to do mine last fall.

  6. Valerie - I don't know you but I do know Allan's girlfriend Lisa quite well. I have a crab apple tree and in the fall have more crab apples then I can possibly use. I would be more then happy to provide you with all the apples you need next fall if you're interested :)