Saturday, April 10, 2010

When You Eat a Cheemo, a Baba Cries

St. Andrew's Ukrainian Orthodox Church, home of a killer monthly perogy dinnerThe St. Andrew's Parish Perogy Supper

Last night Lisa and I finally attended the St. Andrew's Parish Pergoy Supper, which is usually held on the first Friday of every month, except January, July, and August, when the volunteers take a well-deserved break. This month, because the first Friday was Good Friday, the supper was held the following week. If you're at all confused, you can read the schedule on the St. Andrews website.

Church volunteers, most of them silver-haired, hand-make each perogy. There are two kinds: the authentic cottage cheese and potato, and the North American stand-by, cheddar cheese and potato. Plates come with sausage, sweated onions, sour cream, and coleslaw. There's also juice, coffee, and dessert. To finish our meal we had a choice of coconut cream pie, strawberry short cake, rice pudding, and orange jello.

I have no photos of our dinner - l still hate bringing my camera out in public.
The perogies were so uniform and well-sealed that they looked like they came out of a machine. You know that they didn't come out of a machine, though, because they taste fresh, and aren't freezer burned, like most of the perogies I have consumed in my life.

A plate of six perogies and one sausage cost $8. Twelve perogies and two sausages cost $12.

Where else can you eat like this? We sat under fluorescent lights in a church basement. Our plates were filled by a line of kindly babas (and a couple gidos). Our dishes were bussed by a ten year old girl in high heels. As you would expect, there is absolutely no pretension, although Lisa was scolded for trying to help herself to the sour cream bowl.

Thankfully, non-Ukrainians and agnostics are welcome.


  1. No cabbage rolls???

  2. No cabbage rolls. Just a down and dirty super simple perogy dinner. That's how they roll at St. Andrew's.